Introduction, I guess…


So, this is my first ever attempt at this thus I’m not entirely sure how I should lay this out, but I figured I’d make this first post to just introduce as much of myself as I felt comfortable with, as well as my general ambitions with this blog.

I write this whilst studying my Masters degree in the Politics of Development. I also have a BA in Politics which I attained from Royal Holloway, University of London. I suppose the reason why I created this blog stemmed from wanting a sense of purpose. Somewhere in between the endless studying and weekly breakdowns, I wanted to put my time towards something creative. I desired a purpose and believe I can, in part, achieve that purpose through my writing.

So, as the title suggests, the main concept of this blog is to promote the ideas of degrowth. I will mostly use this platform to suggest my own ideas towards helping promote a transition to a degrowth society. Obviously I know my writings wont change the world. I am merely using this blog to hopefully engage with other like minded individuals and suggest alternative views to the topic of degrowth.

I will try to update this every few days in between my studies. Once I know how to properly use the site I’ll make some effort with imagery and will hopefully learn how to write this as a blog rather than a poorly worded diary entry 😀

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