The origins of degrowth go back way before I was born. It is a movement comprising of individuals from a number of backgrounds, not least including socialists and environmentalists.

It is a movement which stresses the necessity for a complete reduction of production and consumption rates among society. It stresses such a necessity due to two interlinked reasons. The first being related to environmental issues, and the second being related to issues of social inequality.

Although degrowth advocates differ in the means used to achieve their respective ends, a similar theme is present in most degrowth literature – the reduction of influence which capitalist societies possess.

Ultimately, degrowth is the only answer that society has in regards to the current environmental and societal injustices currently ongoing around the world. I would like to use this blog in order to suggest how degrowth can be implemented, in so, providing my own unique views as to how a degrowth society can flourish in today’s world. degrowth_skyscrapers